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About Malcolm

Malcolm Nair experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) from a fatal car accident. From his NDE he learned that our souls could be tainted by the choices we make in our day-to-day life experiences. His desire to change his life put Malcolm through the tests and tribulations of learning how to live an enlightened life.


How it works

Guided Intelligence offers several types of packages and resources to help you understand who you really are and how to attain the understanding of your life’s experiences. 

The processes to attain the understanding of who you are, are broken down into simple small practices. The process will guide you through the fraudulence that is in your life today and help you to achieve the 

understanding of your authentic self and how to attain what you want in your life. 

What to Expect

As with any type of self-improvement program your results depend on the effort you put into yourself. However, Guided Intelligence wants you to achieve the desired results you want. Each service and resource is designed with simplicity in mind. They are not complicated or hard to understand, they just require you to do the practice they recommend and if you do, you will achieve results.

Manifesto to You

Malcolm Nair offers one on one personalized time to help you discover your true identity and help you achieve your desired results. 

The service is provided through the use of remote video consultation at a time that is convenient to you. You will receive personalized coaching and motivational practices that will guide you to your spiritual identity and beyond the blockages and constraints, you face today. Clients will have access to video, audio and written materials that will support their spirituality and life purposes. Sessions involve energy, intention, experiences, insights, perspectives and understanding of life and the intended purpose of your life. Malcolm will be teaching you how to manifest with simple practices that are transformational to your understanding of your inner being. 

Malcolm’s Expectation from You 

Clients are expected to be open and honest with themselves, let go of ego, pride, surrender and accept not for Malcolm but for themselves and for source so that Malcolm can be a better guide to serve you for your higher good. 

Be prepared to be uncomfortable while you learn to detach from your past so you can surrender to your source within.

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